The Power of Positive Intentions

Many people go through life without fully understanding how they feel about situations in their lives.

They do not understand the power positive or negative feelings can have on them and their surroundings, or how it affects them.

Understanding the difference between positive and negative feelings can allow you to control your thoughts and live a more productive, fuller life.

Positive Intentions Definition

 The Principle of Positive Intention is to find the intention behind ‘aggressive’ behaviour, i.e fear or aggression is often ‘protection’. The positive intention or purpose behind ‘protection’ is usually ‘safety’.

Do You Notice Your Thought Patterns

You may have noticed, that when you feel negative, more negative thoughts come to you and after a while, you start to feel worse than you did in the beginning.

If you continually worry about a certain situation, you amplify the negativity.

It produces more negative vibrations which are projected back into the universe, and they keep coming back to you repeatedly.

Have you noticed when you talk to people who are speaking in a negative way, that you too start to think and talk about negative things?

It should be a clear indicator that your current vibration level is set to a cynical way of thinking.

You can change this by changing the way you think about situations.

It is essential to understand how you are feeling at that specific moment.

Do you feel negative or positive? That emotion or intention will take the predominant role in your way of thinking.

Positive Intentions Create A Positive Mind

If you start thinking more positive thoughts, you can gradually move up to a more positive frame of mind.

The more positive you think; the more positive vibrations will be sent out into the universe, and you can start to feel a lot better.

Create A Gratitude Journal

You can train yourself to be positive by writing your gratitude journal when you first wake up in the morning.

Write down ten things that you are grateful for.

These could include things like the bed you sleep in, the house you live in, the warm water when you shower, the car you drive to work or the fresh air you breathe.

As you write down all the things that you are grateful for you will send lots of positive vibrations out into the universe.

Take a copy of what you have written down with you during the day, and read it once in the morning and once the afternoon.

If you have a negative thought during the day, recognise it and replace it with a positive impression.

For instance, you could think of someone you love or a pet or a holiday you have enjoyed.

Create Calmness In Your Mind

As you go through your day, you will notice that you start to feel a lot better in general. You will have a more positive outlook.

You can start to experience an air of calm and have peace of mind.

Understand that by creating positive emotions you can control the way you approach and receive what is going on in the world around you.

Positivity attracts positivity. More people will be drawn into your life that has a positive viewpoint.

This can be beneficial in supporting family relationships, finding a new love, or getting your dream job.

By practising your gratitude journal every day, you will find new things to be positive about.

You will start to see these things manifesting in your life.

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